Poke'Mon Cards

We will only list the cards that are priced more than $5.00.

We have several cards priced less in the store (1000+ at this time). Our Prices in most cases are 1/2 of high book price. Depending on the card. Check our prices listed below with Scrye. :^)

If we find scratches on the cards or bends we price them very low (Example: 1. Clefairy Books for $12. with the bend in the card we priced it $2. in the store. 2. Scoop Up Trainer Books at $5.00 with min. scratches we priced it as $1. in the store).

You may E-Mail us if your looking for a special card. Please only do this if the card value is more than $2.00 in Scrye.

We do Trade for Poke'Mon Cards.


We Package our own Poke'Mon Cards.

10 Cards in each pack with a Guarantied $1 card or better in each pack.

Each Pack cost $1.95

Dealer's Interested in Large Orders Please E-Mail with your Resale # for Pricing.


To Order Scrye


Dark Alakazam 1/82-#65-HP60-Lv.30 $7.50 FOIL

Dark Arbok #024-HP60-Lv.25 $5.00 FOIL JAPANESE

Dark Golbat 7/82-#42-HP50-Lv.25 $5.00 FOIL

Dark Weezing 14/82-#110-Hp60-Lv.24 $6.30 FOIL

*Erikas Venusaur $6.50

Gengar First Ed. $7.50

Hitmonchan 7/102-#107-HP70-Lv.33 $5.50 FOIL

*Hitmonlee $6.00

Kangaskhan 5/64-#115-Hp90-Lv.40 $7.50 FOIL

Lapras 10/62-#131-HP80-Lv.31 $5.50 FOIL

Machamp 8/102-#68-HP100-Lv.67 $5.00 FOIL

Mew $20.00

Mew #151-50HP-Lv.23 $22.00

Muk 13/62-70HP-#89-Lv.34 $5.00 FOIL

Nidoking 11/130 #34-Lv.48 $6.00 FOIL

Pinsir 9/64-#127-HP60-Lv.24 $6.00 FOIL

Rainbow Energy 80/82 star $5.00

Rocket's Sneak Attack $6.00

Sabrina's Alakazam #065-HP80-Lv.44 $7.00 FOIL JAPANESE

Venusaur $9.00


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