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We Package Our own Card Packs. You get 25 cards in each pack with a Guarantied $1 card or better in each pack. All for the Low price of $1.99each.

Dealers interested in Large orders Please E-Mail with your Resale # for Pricing.


**We are selling packs of 1996 NBA Basketball Upper Deck Collector's Choice (12 card packs) $2.59 each. Find Upper Deck Mini Insert Cards. *Look for " You Crash the Game"

We will only list and photo cards with a sell price of $25 or more.

In most cases we price 1/2 of Beckett.

Please Contact us if you are looking for Certian Cards or Players. We may have them.

Kemp, Jack Big Game Hunters Upper Deck 1997 $25

Staubach, Roger Big Game Hunters Upper Deck 1997 $38


*Beckett Price Guide Monthly

**Basket Ball $4.99

**Football $4.99

**Baseball $4.99

**Racing $3.99

Ask us about YEARLY Beckett's


Card Sleeves 100@ $1.

Binder Sleeves 10 @ $2.50 / .30cents each

Hard Sleeves 25 @ $2.50 / .12 cents each


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